My Winter Wonderland mini shoot has been running for 5 years, can you believe it?!?!  What is even more amazing is that my main scene of the sledge in snow hasn’t changed a bit in all that time.  It has become a tradition for families to come to the studio and get their photos taken in this scene and any of the others and most say it kicks off the Christmas preparations for them.  Around this one scene we have seen a few changes over the years from a real Santa visit and shoot, to Christmas present pop-up and to also including fairy lights and baubles scenes.  For the first time I will only be altering the scenes every so slightly this year as I just loved all three of last year’s scenes.

This is one of my most busy times of the year.  Within 3 days I will have had over 40 families into the studio, that’s on average around 16 families a day, 8 hours of solid photography each day, over 2000 photographs taken to be sieved through and most of all 2 tins of celebrations (mostly ate by me and Sophie).

This year again I will have some of my usual clients through the door with kids I have photographed and watched grow up from babies or small children to much bigger children.  When getting these bookings through this year it made me think of how appreciative I am on my regular clients and how amazing all of these families are to keep this tradition.  I wanted to show my appreciation and this is when I though of a loyalty scheme.  This will be something I will be looking at more and starting for clients at this year’s Winter Wonderland mini shoots.

Do you know the adrenaline rush you get when you finish a gym session or run??  You dread it coming but also slightly look forward to it.  During it you question yourself if you have worked hard enough, pushed your capabilities enough and sweated enough.  After it you analyse how you done and pick through it all finely to see where you could improve yourself and if you gave enough during it…but you also get the most amazing rush of success, self-motivation and pure happiness.  This is what happens to me before, during and after the Winter Wonderland mini shoots every year.