OK here it is. I’m going to offload what has been going round and round in my head for some time now.
WEDDING CO-ORDINATING Should I or shouldn’t I ,,.,,????????
“I just love weddings and everything about them” and that is the reason why I’m considering offering my brides and grooms an extended service on top of their photography package. I have been a wedding photographer for 10 years now and in that time I have become so familiarised in the daily running of a wedding day I could do them with my eye closed (although not good for a photographer). I help the bride with everything I can from the morning right through until I have to go.  I have even started keeping supplies in my bag and car for all eventualities from boob tape to hand warmers.  This isn’t just to make the photos run smoothly I just love to keep my brides happy and make their day run as smoothly as possible.
I’m am able to do as much or as little as the bride and groom want. The actual service of co-ordinating on the day is a complementary service just me being me. Helpful, experienced and organised for all eventualities. As for the extra add on service it would be the following: – I would gather all the additional information about you big day on your pre wedding visit (around 3-4 weeks before the wedding day) including all the vendors, timing schedule and small details, for example, who will be keeping the signed marriage form after the ceremony or will your band be able to set up their equipment if your meal runs over the time schedule. We will discuss how you want your day planned, for example what tasks still need ironed out and how you want it all executed on the day.
OK in the time it has taken me to scribble this quick blog I have decided I’m doing it. All couples who book their wedding with me will be offered this service of co-ordinating and planning as an extra to their package. Its a passion of mine and I just want the brides and grooms to benefit from my experience in this field. Also it something I wish I had on my big day or my lovely corn dolly’s may not have been hung upside down.
So let’s get planning