Did you know that I have started a new mailing list subscription???  No, well let me tell you more.  I would always post offers, mini shoots and events on my social media pages but I always got messages from people saying they missed the posts and didn’t get their places booked on time.  After a bit of brain storming (and a few cups of tea and biscuits) I decided to start a mailing list.  This way all offers, events and mini shoot dates will be sent straight to everyone’s email address.  Don’t worry I do not plan to send out a lot of emails with advertising or promotions not relevant to my followers.  There will be monthly offers and notifications of up-coming events.  If you haven’t subscribed or want to know more information just let me know and I can add your email to the mailing list.

I am also keen to hear what my clients and followers want to hear more about so feel free to tell me what promotions or events you are keen to hear about.  For instance, from previous years my Holy Communion clients want to have special package offers for their day and they also want to see some gorgeous frames made just to showcase their kid’s special day.  Watch out for this email hitting soon…well as soon as I get the frames sorted that is.