The Versatility of Photography

We all have at least 1 camera per person in a house hold these days, with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, DS’s, etc.  This list doesn’t even include the basic, one job, camera.  Although the need for a professional photographer is still required.  Not just for the obvious wedding and cute baby or pet images (no offence to the not so cute pets), but to my surprise also for those secretive but also necessary photographs.

I have now been contacted twice within the last 2 months about whether or not I am willing to photograph portraits of those unfortunate people who have been injured due to accidents.  I have been extremely surprised to find these people at a lose to find a professional photographer, not to mention their legal advisers in the same predicament.

We have all seen and read, to the point of knowing every word to the ‘under dog’ song, these incident and accident advise companies.  Why are photographers not joining the claims revolution and helping these people, while helping themselves?

So now I have come to the conclusion of when I do monthly business card and flyer deliveries to local wedding related businesses I may also take myself into all of the local legal firms.