Rock the Frock (take 2)

This time I wanted somewhere which might contain animals, so where else would be as beautiful and local as the Tropical Butterfly House in Seaforde.  Rang up a number of days before and explained what it was all about, I got the reply ‘Have you been here before’.  Far point so organised to go the next day just to see the place.  Well I could picture the images now, butterflies on dress, butterflies on hands/arms.  So was all set…well so I thought.

Through one mix up and a next I ended up on a slightly drizzly day with one very reasonable model in a brides dress, no money and a packet of bread rolls (long story) but no venue to shoot these photos.  I was too stubborn to just give up so I made the decision it would be the foot of the Mournes was the site and just hoped it wouldn’t get wetter.

We abandoned the bread rolls in the jeep and started walking.  The running joke was that each walker she say she would frantically ask had they seen a groom in a suit anywhere.  The walkers took it very well and we got a few laughs along the way.

The rivers and forest ended up being perfect, so beautiful and just slightly wet.  I wanted a shoot of Catriona sitting up a tree but for all our searching the only one we found in anyway suitable just didn’t work.  I pushed and she tried to scrambled but the tree won the battle.  A walker was descending the mountain and my relaxed model just turned and asked him if he could put her up the tree.  He was very obliging and even offered to hang about to help her down again.  He was tell us how he had spent a wet night up the mountain, what a trooper.

The last photographs were water shoots and so we choose the best site and my model stepped into the fast flowing river.  This was just after her telling me she couldn’t swim!!  She went straight into the cold water and posed like a pro.

After an eventful morning I was delighted with how we came out of it all with some beautiful photographs.  My model got a big thanks for her patience and up-beat personality.  All in all it was a great day.  Check out the Rock the Frock page on the website to see more photographs of our eventful day.