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New Year, New Me

I have been neglecting this blog for a very long time and now I feel ready to get back into it.  The business is expanding, my work load is expanding and so my experiences, friends and connections are expanding.  In three years (give or take) I feel I still haven’t found a work-lifestyle balance.  I advertise, I take photos, I print photos and so the process repeats but I get little glimmers of amazement in between, a special person enters the studio, an amazing family welcomes me as soon as I enter their home on a wedding morning or a child who doesn’t want to be within 10 miles of the studio suddenly smiles.  This is ‘a home run’ as the Americans would say or as we would say ‘the icing on the cake’.  I love my job when I see these moments.  And so I am back blogging…

Studio portraits taking off…Downpatrick photography

With a nice increase in visitors to the new studio I couldn’t be happier with the business’s first 6 months.  Targets set for 2015 have already been met in 2014 and I am now excited to see what the year ahead will bring.

Studio prices were set at £50 for an hour shot and a CD of images.  I am now considering changing this to suit my clients.  The time limit seems to panic families a bit as well as making me a bit edgy.  I am considering deleting the time limit.  I will also be placing printing prices for all visitors to view on the day of visit and giving them a flyer to take home to consider for future printing.

So all is progressing well and I am so busy but not complaining.

2014 Price Update

There has been a slight increase in wedding packages for 2014.  Each package has been altered accordingly due to printing price increases and time increases in preparing products.

Although I still pride myself in the standards of products at very reasonable prices.

All prices can be found on the website and will be posted on Facebook and twitter.

Rock the Frock (take 2)

This time I wanted somewhere which might contain animals, so where else would be as beautiful and local as the Tropical Butterfly House in Seaforde.  Rang up a number of days before and explained what it was all about, I got the reply ‘Have you been here before’.  Far point so organised to go the next day just to see the place.  Well I could picture the images now, butterflies on dress, butterflies on hands/arms.  So was all set…well so I thought.

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Artist George H. Smyth

Tonight I was invited out to Coney Island to photograph George with another one of his beautiful paintings.  This was like stepping into a house from Grand Designs.  Right on the beach, its own little river running through the house.  Glass sliding doors and windows, vaulted ceilings and the most beautiful collection of art work.  George’s painting was framed perfectly above brown leather sofas on marble flooring, facing the unbroken view of Coney Island.  The irony was pointed out to me, that if I looked close enough at the painting it was a reflection of the view from the floor to ceiling glass windows.  What more could you ask for?  The painting was exquisite, beautiful, crisp blue sky with a clock face centered at the top.  There are 2 planes floating in the sky like birds but the detail is amazing.  Colours are so vivid but that is George’s trade mark.  A great night photographing artist and painting.



Rock the Frock

And so it begins…Saturday 27th April was the first shooting of trashing the dress.  My poor sister Conach drew the short straw and is the first guinea pig.  I watched the weather for days in advance and then I saw, Saturday was to be the warmest (at 12 degrees, I was lucky) and bright for once.

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The Versatility of Photography

We all have at least 1 camera per person in a house hold these days, with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, DS’s, etc.  This list doesn’t even include the basic, one job, camera.  Although the need for a professional photographer is still required.  Not just for the obvious wedding and cute baby or pet images (no offence to the not so cute pets), but to my surprise also for those secretive but also necessary photographs.

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Studio Launch 2013

The build began on the 2nd March 2013 and so far so good.  We have all the walls built, the roof felted and lathed, stud wall taking shape and electrics started.  From my view it looks still like a building site but I feel the cold sweat creeping up my back as once the build is complete all eyes will be on my to prove its worth.