Monthly Archives: June 2013

Rock the Frock (take 2)

This time I wanted somewhere which might contain animals, so where else would be as beautiful and local as the Tropical Butterfly House in Seaforde.  Rang up a number of days before and explained what it was all about, I got the reply ‘Have you been here before’.  Far point so organised to go the next day just to see the place.  Well I could picture the images now, butterflies on dress, butterflies on hands/arms.  So was all set…well so I thought.

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Artist George H. Smyth

Tonight I was invited out to Coney Island to photograph George with another one of his beautiful paintings.  This was like stepping into a house from Grand Designs.  Right on the beach, its own little river running through the house.  Glass sliding doors and windows, vaulted ceilings and the most beautiful collection of art work.  George’s painting was framed perfectly above brown leather sofas on marble flooring, facing the unbroken view of Coney Island.  The irony was pointed out to me, that if I looked close enough at the painting it was a reflection of the view from the floor to ceiling glass windows.  What more could you ask for?  The painting was exquisite, beautiful, crisp blue sky with a clock face centered at the top.  There are 2 planes floating in the sky like birds but the detail is amazing.  Colours are so vivid but that is George’s trade mark.  A great night photographing artist and painting.